Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cardio Stress Echo Test

What the ...? What dat even mean doc?
Yeah I went in for a "yearly" check-up first time since....I wanna say 2004. Everything looked okay, but based on the EKG, my doctor thought it would be wise to get a stress test done. So I'm heading to the hospital tomorrow to get that done. It sounds like they are gonna put me on a treadmill and stick all these cables to my body and make me walk/run faster and faster till I reach certain heart rate per min. My sister in law works with cardiologists, and she said it may take me a while to reach the heart rate that they desire, based on my fitness level. I guess what that means is, since I run quite a bit my resting heart rate is pretty low (48 beats per min), which in turn means it will take more strenous exercise to get my heart going.
My brother in law (my older sisters husband) died after a heart attack a few months back, which made me little too concious about my own health I guess. Granted he was a smoker, and drank some, didn't exercise much, it was a risk that already existed. But he was only 42 years old and a skinny guy also.
It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

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