Monday, November 16, 2009

Cardio Stress Echo Test

Turns out I have a good heart, literally. They did a echo test putting me on a treadmill making me run uphill till my heart started pounding out of my chest. The nurse told me since my resting heart-rate is around 48, I need to hit 155 bpm (85% of my max rate) on the treadmill before they could do the ultra-sound.
They first started me walking on the mill and every 2 min increased the speed and the incline a bit keeping an EKG and taking my blood pressure every 5 min or so. They were a little worried that it would take a lot of running to hit my 155 beats. Boy, they were right...! It took about 20 min and some crazy-ass incline with high tempo running to see 155 on the computer screen. Since they only have a 60 second window they could do the ultra-sound before heart rate goes down again, they wanted to be safe and get the heart rate just a few more than 155. So, I ran another 2 min with more incline and speed but the heart rate kind of plateaued, and I started getting tired at which point they stopped the treadmill and did the ultra-sound.
During ultra-sound the tech girl gives me commands as to hold my breath, breathe in, or breathe out, when my heart is pounding, and I'm already out of breath. I kind of got a glimpse of how water-boarding may feel like.
Then the doc lady comes in tells me my heart is in perfect shape, and I curse my family doc for making me go thru all this. No I don't...It really gave me peace of mind actually.

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