Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today is a running day..

I like running unlike many of the people I know. Most people find it boring, tedious, and not much fun. I like running outside seeing the wild-life and things. Where I live I see quite a few hawks, cayotes, deers, and raccoons. There are mountain lions too, but I don't care to see any of them.
Although I run for the love of it, I don't see that being a good runner helps me with my jiu jitsu cardio. In jiu jitsu, there is a lot of effort and energy spent in a little time. It's a high intensity sport. At least it's that way for me, since my game is not that refined and smooth to conserve energy wisely yet. I will keep running anyways. Good thing mountain lions are nocturnal, or..are they not?

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