Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday Class

We rolled no-gi Friday night. Smaller class. Worked a few sweeps from butterfly guard. I feel better in no-gi against my size guys, however if there is someone bigger and stronger than me it makes things even harder. It's almost like they get even stronger, a multiplier effect if you will. Number of techniques someone can use is limited in no-gi. Especially if you're a white belt like me (for two years now) I don't have a plethora of techniques to choose from with the gi, so with no-gi only a hand-full of submissions and sweeps.
I find it easier to achieve back control from closed guard in no-gi, something I've been focusing on for the last few months. I usually do an arm-drag and latch on the side and climb my opponent's back. When we are rolling with gi, people tend to grab my lapel and posture up, which makes my job way harder. With no-gi it's no smooth sailing, but it works more often.

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