Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wanna like green tea, but can't...

I know I post way too much about nutrition, and this is a jiu jitsu blog. The fact of the matter though, I don't give a f**k, it's my blog I can post whatever the f**k I want.
Anyways, everybody keeps talking about how good green tea is for you, given all the anti-oxidants and other good stuff in it. I buy it once in a while hoping I would eventually come to like it. It's not happening man. Putting a little honey makes it taste better, but then I'm tasting honey, I like honey, and everything is dandy. The thing of it though, if I put honey in hot water I would probably like that too.
Green tea makes me go the bathroom a lot too. It feels like it's taking all the water from my body, dehyrating the shit out of me. I was comparing health claims on my Lipton green tea vs Lipton classic tea (black tea I suppose), and came to the realization that they both have very similar levels of anti-oxidants in them. Green tea has 190mg, and black tea 175mg. I think by posting this, I've just convinced myself not to drink green tea anymore. Black tea is way better, so there you have it. F*ck tofu too..! That tasteless piece of crap...! If tofu was a protected minority person I would already be doing some hard time for hate speech/crimes right now. I once attacked a piece of tofu for posing as cheese and tasting like chalk.

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