Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Too Calm for a Fight???

I've been hearing from my jiu jitsu buddies and reading on some blogs how people get extremely nervous before a fight. And the adrenaline and the heart rate going up and all those natural fear reactions maybe helping them during fight. Here is my thing though, I don't get all that. My heart rate is at steady resting rate somewhere between 50-60 beats per min, I'm calm, no fear of any kind. Don't get me wrong, I do wanna win as much as the next guy, it's just I'm way too calm.
I think if it was like a street fight with a possibility of a lot of different variables like a possible weapon, hitting your head on concrete, other people getting involved, getting hit in sensitive spots which would be illegal in jiu jitsu and all those unknowns would make me scared and nervous too. But when I'm at a tournament I know I'm rolling on a soft mat, not on hard surface, I know there are ground rules, no dirty fighting.
To become more agressive though, I feel like I need to do something to get me going. I always warm-up a little, but that doesn't get me going mentally. Maybe, I need to drink couple cans of energy drinks and slap myself on the face a few before. I don't know....

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