Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gi Talk

Just wanted to talk about gis today. First off, I can't seem to find perfect fit for myself. I wish there were more sizes available to choose from. And every manufacturer has a very different understanding of what those sizes mean it seems.
I'm 6'2'' and 184lbs. A bit too tall for my gi. Especially for the gi pants, since I'm a lot of legs and not a whole bunch of torso. My first gi was a classic white Koral size A3. Very durable armor-like top, and short pants that tore after 6 months, got it fixed and still using it. The sleeves are okay but the top seems like it could support a person with same height and 80 pound heavier than me. Honestly, the top looks like designed for a guy with a big big beer belly. Like one of those NY Yankee players, you know tall big guys with some extra weight in wrong places. Don't get me wrong, nothing against the fav American pastime, it's just those players just fit the profile for the gi top made by Koral.
I later bought a Keiko Raca which is my favorite gi to roll in now. Top is a perfect fit for my physique, by that I mean it's narrower and tighter. Really thick, hard to grab collar that stays tight to skin. Pants are the same deal, shorter than I would like. Only down side with this gi is that the black color fades quickly. If you're into that vintage faded look, more power to you then you will love it.
My third gi is a light weight Koral black gi, which looks and feels great, but it's even larger on the top. So much material to grab, it's like an invitation to get choked. Sleeves are so wide, it's disgustingly favorable for the other guy.

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